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    Business Developer at imby.bio startup

    Equity + £
    Job Description

    We need a business-minded person who is able to take advantage of the company’s existing runway, experienced team and existing IP that we have, in order to:

    - Obtain additional grant funding to consolidate IP, extend the runway and the team, and diversify sources of income;

    - Put in place the business development strategy to transition mature IP from grant funding to self-sustaining solutions;

    - Gradually take over the overall business strategy of the company with a view to create a sustainable business.

    The business environment in which we operate (sustainability, biodiversity and energy) is strongly community driven and we need our business development efforts to recognise this and work in concert with those communities. This community aspect carries to the technical side where we believe that some of our software is best developed with an open source model and the corresponding business model should support this approach.

    You will be joining a small team based in London, working directly with our CEO and CTO, as well as our distributed team in the UK and abroad.

    The role offers flexible hours, a chance to gain experience in startups, and to learn and grow in a safe environment. If successful, the role will expand and can evolve to a full time position.

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    Job terms & conditions

    FUNCTION: Business Development

    INDUSTRY: Cleantech, Gardening, Biodiversity, Energy, Sustainability

    TYPE: Part-time

    START DATE: June 2019

    DURATION: Permanent

    HOURS: 20 hours a week

    REMUNERATION: Salary + Equity Options

    LOCATION: London, partially remote possible

    Benefits - £40,000 p.a. (pro rata) - Flexible hours, flexible holidays - 4% matched pension

    Candidate requirements

    You have experience in business development roles in companies large or small, and specific experience in replying to RFPs or grant applications. You are skilled at managing multiple strands of work at the same time and orchestrate the contributions of multiple team members to deliver applications in the expected timeframes. You are keen to expand your skills to cover strategic business development and administration, including designing business models and go-to-market strategies.


    - We really don't mind what degree you have, or if you have a degree at all; relevant experience / capabilities and the right personality are much more important.

    Essential skills & Experience

    - Good command of English, both spoken and written

    - Experience preparing written reports, grant applications, and other forms of written communication

    - Good with people

    - A desire to work in a small team

    - The ability to work remotely and independently

    - A keen interest in gardening nature, biodiversity and sustainability!

    Nice to Have

    - In addition to the skills above, having experience in any of the following areas will help you get comfortable in the job:

    - Previous startup experience

    - R&D grant writing and delivery experience

    - Project Management experience, technical or non-technical

    - Product Management experience

    - Business administration education or experience (e.g. bookkeeping, HR, general admin)

    - Software development process experience

    - Open source software models

    Workplace location
    Position is available:
    6 May 2019
    Contact person:
    Bruno Girin
    Contact e-mail:
    Additional info:
    See the full job ad on our website: https://www.imby.bio/hiring/2019/05/06/we-are-hiring-business-development-manager.html

    "Good entrepreneurs know when to take. Best ones know when to give back"